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The smallest "GOOD & EVIL" ever

Little Evil by Zeekio and HSPIN

Months ago, Hadrien and had been discussing an undersized GOOD & EVIL yoyo, which would take the proportional design of the G&E series, but sport a below average diameter. To keep weight in playable range after this "Honey, I shrunk my evil" exercise, it would have to be made of a higher density material: Steel.

Weeks ago, Mitch (Yoyosam) and I got in touch about Zeekio-HSPIN collaboration, and I immediately thought of the undersized G&E. I called Hadrien, got him in touch with Mitch, an a few weeks later, we tried a prototype.

The result is everything we had hoped for. The mass is concentrated, weight is high enough to play fast but still precise in spite of its tininess. And the steel works extremely nicely on this yoyo.

Thanks Mitch for making this one a reality!


Commemorative Limited Edition: 1997-2012: BEYOND ENVY, PYRO III and Phoenix yoyos

As you might have seen in my latest podcast, HSPIN is winding down for an exit from the yoyoing community. As sad as this is, we have had an amazing time in this global community. Situation is, before being able to leave with our heads held high, we have some debt to clear. In this context, we would appreciate any support you can lend to HSPIN. For this purpose, we make available the below very limited commemorative hand-anodized limited editions of three very successful releases of ours.

Thank you ever so much for your love, faith, loyalty and support.


Whale Hunt Aftermath
(6 pieces)

Sperm Whale Sperm
(4 pieces)

Poland Bleeds Blue
(2 pieces)

She Killed Him On A Meadow In Summer
(7 pieces)

People Eat Insects
(4 pieces)

Limb Thud
(9 pieces)

Lemon x Magnum
(6 pieces)

Crimson Rivers
(5 pieces)

James P. Sullivan
(3 pieces)

Please choose your edition:

US$ 169

Organ Transplantation

HSPIN will phase out from the yoyoing community.

Organ Transplantation from Chris K on Vimeo.

Best regards,

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