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Legacy: Handquake 1.4 - 1998 Single Item

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Yes. This is how it all started.

In 1992, when we got into yoyoing, there was no manufacturer of quality yoyos which we regarded as noteworthy. Our idol was Tom Kuhn, manufacturing the Silver Bullet 2 or the Sleep Machine on the other side of the world in San Francisco. Ordering yoyos in those pre-internet times meant placing an order by post. It took an agonizing 5 weeks to wait for the yoyos to finally arrive on our door step in Switzerland. But the excitement and happiness that ensued opening the packages and trying out the yoyos cannot be described in words.

So over time, the decision was made to make our own yoyos in Europe. After a prototype in 1997, the Handquake 1.4 was born in 1998, in pure black, sporting steel weight rings, a 9mm miniature bearing, gap width adjustment by inserting a number of shims next to the bearing, and as always.... serial numbers.

50 pieces were made, and some of them we sent with pride and excitement back the USA, where we had bought our first yoyos, to curious customers. With all yoyos sold shortly after, we started to produce the sequel, the Handquake 1.4b, with black/blue colors and bronze weight rings.

Thanks to a cellar de-cluttering action, we came across a never played, mint Handquake 1.4, which we are delighted to offer alongside the Handquake 2 to showcase our history.

Design and Manufacturing

Manufactured in 1998 in Switzerland.


Halves = Aluminum
Axle = Stainless Steel
Diameter = 55mm
Width = 21mm
Weight = 46g
Miniature bearings 3x9x3

Serial numbered.