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HANDQUAKE 2 - Morning Run - Limited

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We are exceptionally proud and excited to relaunch HSPIN with this 25th anniversary update of the first yoyo we ever released!

The "Handquake 1.4" was HSPIN's first EVER yoyo, launched in 1998. It was inspired by Tom Kuhn's Silver Bullet 2, with a miniature bearing, custom axle and a gap width adjustable by adding shims. It was perfection in its infancy, and the foundation for us to become a Swiss boutique yoyo designer. 

For HSPIN's 25th anniversary, we wanted to give the Handquake a time warp of development, so we added to it pretty much everything we have learned in 25 years of designing an array of convention-defying yoyos.

The HANDQUAKE 2 therefore sports HSPIN's iconic 5x11x5 bearing and the axle nut first introduced with the GOOD&EVIL, the invincible M3 axle and the shmoove of the PYRO, and recessed friction pads which the GOOD&EVIL 2 world-premiered. The HANDQUAKE 2 comes with two interchangeable bearings to allow for a 3mm gap for old school play and a 5mm gap for unresponsive modern play.

The HANDQUAKE 2 is an outstanding every-day yoyo to carry with you at work or school. It even fits into your suit pocket without bulging.

HSPIN would like to thank Hadrien B. for year-long support and realizing the technical drawings for this release.

Design and Manufacturing

Manufactured and assembled in Bremgarten, Switzerland.


Halves = Aluminium
Axle = Hardened M3 Steel
Diameter = 55mm
Width = 34mm
Weight = 61g
Two Japanese precision bearings with low-friction plastic cages, 5x11x3 and 5x11x5

Serial numbered.