… are who we make our yoyos for. People in the phase of their lives where they take on responsibility at work or with family, who do this with determination, who throw yoyos for mental recreation, because they have been yoyoing for decades, and still carry that rebel soul under their suits in their hearts.

Ultra Smooth. Swiss Made Quality.
Always With You.

Take better breaks. Solve bigger problems.

At HSPIN, we design and produce superior quality yoyos as recreational devices to provide you with exceptional regeneration of your mind to better solve your biggest problems.

Artwork for our concept realised with the exceptional support of highly skilled artists in the Spingear network. Spingear logo

Meet the HANDQUAKE 2:

We packed 25 years of yoyo development into our first ever yoyo!

The Handquake 2 is an exceptionally smooth yoyo, versatile for both beginners and advanced players thanks to the interchangeable ball bearings.

In 1998, we launched the first Handquake yoyo, with a miniature bearing, custom axle and a gap width adjustable by adding shims. It was perfection in its infancy. 

The Handquake 2 we launched in 2024 embodies 25 years of experience in designing convention-defying yoyos.

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All our yoyos are produced in very small, quality-controllable production runs. Get one while stocks last.

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Made in Switzerland since 1997

The "HSPIN" yoyos have been made in Switzerland since the first Handquake prototype in 1997. We believe in long-term relationships with our manufacturers as this allows us to grow with them from good to great, and it inspires innovation mutually. For example, we were the first to launch a bimetallic yoyo with weight rings in 1998, which was a supplier innovation. Gold-plating the PYRO as well as our unique foam packaging are the brain children of our CNC partners. Florian and Paul (photo) have been crafting our yoyos since 2007.

  • 25 years!

    OMG. We have been around for 25 years. We started off as students, assembling yoyos in our student rooms, carrying boxes by tram to the nearest post office. Later we ran HSPIN through a network of supporters and partners, from our Blackberries and iPhones from wherever in the world we were at the time. HSPIN always remained in Switzerland.

  • Giving back

    HSPIN has always given back. In the 1990ies, we invested whatever profits we had into producing more and better yoyos. In the 2000s and 2010s we continued to do so, but also sponsored contests and funded the HSPIN Team with players from around the World: USA, Japan, Czech Republic, Poland, England... Today, we donate 2% to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC).

  • F.U.L.L. Warranty

    For all our products we provide a "fair use limited lifetime" warranty. If something in our control isn't working as it should, we help you resolve it, e.g. by providing spare parts or replacing components as long as stocks last, or by providing a fair, equivalent solution.